What I used

    About the project

      A single .cpp file library written in “C linkable C++” (C++ with inline new and delete) for parsing commandline arguments.


Before release 0.2.1 (patch for beta) arguments-mini-test ran two tests (one to test if a valid argv did succeed, and another to test if an invalid argv did not succeed).

Output of argument-mini-test 0.2.1

With release 0.2.1 these tests were removed and I added three tests..

  • one for argument parsing
  • one for parameterwithvalue parsing
  • one for parameterwithoutvalue parsing.

Also.. I added an andrun target for make such that running make andrun (as was done in the image above) would..

  1. assure arguments-mini-test on linux/arguments-mini-test.exe on windows was up to date
  2. run arguments-mini-test/arguments-mini-test.exe