Halo Hunters

What I did

  • Homing missile in Blueprints
  • Local multiplayer in Blueprints and C++

What I used

    About the project

      Halo Hunters is an arena shooter played locally with up to four players made in the second year of my game development bachelor at IGAD. The game was made from concept to final product in a period of two weeks as part of a so-called game marmalade (i.e. an extended game jam). Another marmalade game is Mayor.

Homing missile

As we were such a small team with very limited time I did the programming, design and art work for the homing missile. Using my Paint.NET experience and the power of search engines, I created this simplistic HUD.

As I created a significant chunk of the game's multiplayer experience (namely split-screen, input and player selection), I took it upon myself to add polish in the form of a main menu to deliver a flowing experience to the end user. I reused some old assets to build an inviting scene, made sure the player feedback was nice and responsive, and (catering to the impatient) added rotatable player models.